Rackspace Promotional Discount Agreement

This Promotional Discount Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Rackspace US, Inc. (“Rackspace” or “we”) and the customer who signs below (“you” or “Customer”). Rackspace is pleased to offer you the following terms in connection with this promotion:

  • You may utilize the “Powered by Rackspace” logo (the “Logo”) to communicate your website or services are hosted by Rackspace. You shall request a logo and shall notify Rackspace prior to using the Logo in any collateral by completing the request form at:, and shall not engage in any such use without Rackspace’s prior written approval.
  • You shall receive up to a $500 Rackspace Cloud credit per month for a 24-month period applicable to the Rackspace Cloud services effective no later than 30 business days after we receive and verify this completed Agreement. During the signup process, you will be required to provide a valid credit card. This card will not be charged unless your usage of the Rackspace Cloud services exceeds your monthly Rackspace Credit limit under this Agreement. In the event that your card is charged for your full monthly usage of the Rackspace Cloud services, we will issue the credit to your credit card up to the amount of your monthly Rackspace Cloud credit limit under this Agreement. You will be responsible for any charges in excess of the Rackspace Cloud credit limit. This 24-month period runs concurrently and begins on your Cloud account sign-up/anniversary date and any unused monthly credit is not carried over.
  • You acknowledge that at the end of the time period identified above, you shall be billed in full for your continued use of Rackspace Cloud Services in accordance with any applicable terms of service or other agreement.
  • You agree that we may publicly disclose that we are providing Services to you and may use your name and logo to identify you as our customer in promotional materials, including press releases (provided that Rackspace will allow you to review any press release(s) prior to issuance) and case studies, white papers, event materials, presentations, website content and earnings calls, in all media, now known or which shall become known in the future.
  • For a period of 12 months, you are eligible to receive a Mailgun credit (applicable to any Mailgun plan) of up to $50 per month. The 12-month period shall be effective upon creation of your Mailgun account and runs concurrently. In order to receive the Mailgun monthly credit, you must check the "I'd like to receive a discount for Mailgun" box on this form and sign up for Mailgun using the coupon code you receive after submitting this form. During the signup process, you will be required to provide a valid credit card. This card will be charged for any difference in the $50 monthly credit and your monthly usage of Mailgun services. Please note that any unused monthly credit will not be carried forward to future months.
  • You acknowledge and agree that the Promotional Discount received under this agreement cannot be combined with any other offer and/or Rackspace discount/commission programs.
I'd like to receive a discount for Mailgun.

By clicking submit, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to sign on behalf of Customer and that Customer accepts the terms and conditions of this offer identified above and at the referenced URLs. This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive understanding between Customer and Rackspace regarding the subject matter and supersedes and replaces any prior understanding or communication, whether written or oral.

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